Shifting home amidst ongoing corona crisis

Amidst the ongoing corona crisis, the horrors of Covid are increasing day by day. Especially in this second wave of Covid, we should be more cautious. Meanwhile, we have to keep on doing the necessary daily work while maintaining proper hygiene guidelines. Even in this situation, many people are changing homes every month out of necessity. 

According to a statistic from last year, more than 50,000 (approx.) households shifted their home within and outside Dhaka between March and june of 2020. Like last year, a similar number of households are shifting their home this year as well.

There are a few things to keep in mind before moving to a new home-

  1. Prepare a checklist before shifting your home, which should include everything you should do before, during and after shifting.
  2. Calculate the shifting cost in advance and find out the details in advance which will help you to reduce your extra expenses.

When you move, you suddenly see a lot of work that needs to be done, but you don't even think about it beforehand. So for the convenience of knowing,

Let's see what to do when shifting home-

  1.   Confirming the new home
  2.   Searching for Trucks or Pickups in accordance with the size for your goods
  3.   Managing labour support for shifting
  4.   Packing the goods while ensuring that there is no damage to the goods
  5.   Managing electrician, technician and plumber support for various household needs
  6.   Making sure that all the work is being done properly on the day of shifting

All of these are difficult to do, and if you do these on your own, you will see that you have to get in trouble one way or the other. For example, ending up with a smaller truck than required, or your goods getting damaged due to lack of professional service, or Trucks arriving late during the day of shifting. Amidst Covid situation, it’s not only a hassle, but also very risky to shift your home with so much on your shoulders. 

However, even during the ongoing corona situation, it is possible to shift your home safely without any hassle by availing professional shifting service. Because,  if you shift your home via a professional shifting service, you will not have to bear the responsibility of solving any of the problems on your own.  Such a service will provide solutions to every problem starting from labor service to packing and other additional tasks. 

For example, since the onset of the corona situation, “Truck Lagbe” has been providing professional shifting service within and from Dhaka city to other parts of the country. Through this service, Truck Lagbe is providing-

  1.   Pre-inspection
  2.   Labour service
  3.   Packing and Packaging support
  4.   Electrician, Technician and Plumber
  5.   Disinfection service

Amidst the ongoing situation, there is no alternative of taking professional shifting service when it comes to ensuring safe and hassle-free shifting. Therefore to avail such a service, you can call Truck Lagbe Customer Care at 09638000245. Or, you can fill up this form to avail shifting service from Truck Lagbe. If you do so, Truck Lagbe’s shifting expert will contact you directly.

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