Which Truck to Hire to shift your home?

Home shifting in Bangladesh is always a difficult task, especially for the dwellers of cities. From packing everything to renting trucks and arranging labor, there is no end to work. It has been seen that at the end of the month in Dhaka city, a large number of residents migrate from their home to a new one. As a result, the demand for truck rentals and labor naturally increases at this time. However to do home shifting with ease, one can take the Home Shifting packages offered by Truck Lagbe. Get all the details of this service by calling the Hotline number of Truck Lagbe: 01939 100100. 



Another problem that many people face while hiring a truck for home shifting is to figure out the size of the truck that they need to hire according to their House size/Product type or amount. The following chart will give an idea about these:



Apart from these above-mentioned trucks, you can also hire any kind of truck through Truck Lagbe. Depending on your demand, 'Truck Lagbe' can also provide labor and electrician for you if required. Also, you can avail on-demand supervisor to oversee your home shifting.

So, to make your home shifting experience a breeze, you can depend on Truck Lage home shifting package.

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