A rather complex calculation of home shifting costs and a simple way forward

When it comes to shifting home, a lot of things come to mind- “How to pack everything? How do I carry so many things? How do I arrange everything?”, and many more. In order to avoid such hassle, many people think of taking a moving service directly. And in this case, the first thing that comes to mind is, what will be the cost?

If the cost calculations are done before moving, it becomes easier to decide whether to hire trucks and labor separately, or to take the full moving service. In this regard, taking the appropriate decision can reduce house-shifting cost by 15-20%.

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On what does the cost of shifting depend upon, and what services are being provided in Bangladesh when it comes to shifting; Let’s learn all of these:

The factors on which the cost of home shifting depends:


The shifting will take place from which area and to where

Part of the shifting cost will depend on the distance from where you will move. Moving costs vary due to distance. Also, if the shifting is to take place above 3rd floor, the cost will be higher, since more time will be needed to load and unload.


Managing labor support is one of the toughest jobs at the time of house shifting. In terms of labor costs, there are differences between family household and bachelor household. It mainly depends on the amount of furniture and luggage to be transported.

Shifting a small household usually requires 2 laborers and the cost is between 1500-2000 taka. When it comes to shifting a regular family household, usually 4 laborers are needed and their service costs between 3200-4000 taka.

N:B:  If the shifting is to take place above the 2nd floor, the labor cost may rise. It may also rise at the end of the month due to high demand. 

Amount of goods to be transported

Cost of house shifting might vary depending on the total amount of goods in a house, and exact amount of heavy goods in there. In order to determine the exact cost, share the full details of your goods with the service provider, or directly receive free consultation support from a Home Shifting Specialist of Truck Lagbe.


Many people want to pack their goods while shifting, so that the goods are not damaged during transportation. Household goods that are needed to be packaged includes:

  • TV
  • Bed
  • Chair
  • Table
  • Cabinets
  • Washing Machine
  • Fridge
  • Glassware
  • New Furniture
  • Antiques 

The cost of packaging depends on the material type of the packaging (Cartoon, Bubble Wrapper, Gunny Bag etc) you want and which goods you want to pack.

Size of Truck

What size of truck you need depends on the quantity of your household goods. The truck fare will increase depending on how large the truck is.

Usually, the bachelors have only a room worth of goods. So, bachelors or families using a single room need a small 7 feet pickup for shifting.

When it comes to families with larger houses, they might need medium to large sized trucks for shifting.

N:B:  Large trucks above 14 ft can’t move before 10.00 PM in Dhaka City. Hence, usually trucks between the length of 7 ft to 14 ft are suitable for house shifting within Dhaka City. 

Special Services

While shifting house, only transportation of goods and labor support aren’t enough; setup services for gas stove, washing machine, TV, Fan, Bed, Light, Geyser, Water Filter, AC etc. are also required. Let’s take a look at the costs of such services:

Special Service Cost
Gas Burner Installation 300 Taka
Setting up Bed 300 Taka
Electrician (Fan, Light, TV, Washing Machine, Geyser, Water Filter etc. and other electric works) 800-2000 Taka
AC opening and Installation 2800 Taka
Setting up Furniture (Hatil, Otobi) 1500 Taka
Packaging 1000-1500 Taka (Cost depends on the packaging material type)


Total cost of house-shifting

Total cost of bachelor or family house shifting depends on the factors discussed above. Also, the service charge of the organization from which you will take shifting service will be added with the total cost, and such costs vary from company to company.

For your convenience, an overview of possible costs of shifting is given bellow:- 

House Shifting cost rate chart

*Here, the potential cost has been displayed based on the cost of 2 major requirements for house shifting; Transportation and Labor Support

*The cost mentioned in the rate chart is shown as the lowest possible cost for shifting

*This rate chart doesn’t include the cost of any special service (Electrician, AC, Furniture Setup, Packaging, Bed Setup, Fan Setup, Gas Stove Setup etc)

*The aforementioned rate chart is applicable only for shifting upto 2nd floor

*For shifting 3-4 rooms worth of goods, Trucks between 16-20ft are required. Trucks from 16ft and above can only move after between 10:00 PM and 6:00 AM in Dhaka, hence the shifting will have to be done at night only under such circumstances. 

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