Terms & Conditions of Truck Lagbe's Shifting Service

Truck Lagbe provides a complete home/office shifting solution. It’s an easy and hassle-free home-shifting service that you can get at an affordable price. Our moving service includes everything from truck rentals to furniture packaging to electronics equipment installation and pre-inspection. Here are some of the terms and conditions that Truck Lagbe has for its shifting service:

Shifting Service Terms & Conditions:

1. If the packing service is not included in the package, Truck Lagbe won’t compensate if something is accidentally damaged, especially fragile products such as glass, TV, any glass panel, etc.

2. Truck Lagbe won’t bear the responsibility of loss or damage of any valuable or breakable items when the service expert team is in your premises.

3. Customers must have permission from the homeowners prior to shifting so that there are no interruptions during the process. If they are required to obtain permission from society/residential, they must also have the permission of the authorities.

4. Customers must move their personal belongings on their own. (For example; laptop, television, moneybag, jewelry, or fragile product)

5. For the packing service, the listed furniture packing will be provided; any additional packing will incur additional charges.

6. If a political or natural disaster occurs, the shifting date can be postponed or changed.

7. We will provide only uninstall and installation services for air conditioners and other electronic equipment such as washing machines and geysers. Other installation tasks such as new electrical line set, master servicing, additional pipe purchase, additional material purchase, and sanitary works are not included in our service.

8. You must pay a 50% fee at the loading point for out-of-district trips.

9. The due amount needs to be paid by hand in cash to the service expert.

10. For packing service, you need to provide the packaging amount in advance as packing service is done 1 day prior to the trip.

11. Truck Lagbe will not be liable for any pre-existing issues/potential risks reported by the service experts while shifting.

Truck Lagbe will provide you with a seamless shifting service. To book Truck Lagbe’s shifting services, call us at 09638000245 right away.

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