Truck Lagbe has established service points around Bangladesh that provide reliable and quick service. Our verified drivers and shippers can avail all kinds of services at its designated service points. As various issues arise before or after the trip which they can resolve at any convenient time by visiting one of our service points. Shippers, on the other hand, can book a truck at Truck Lagbe's service points. Some of the services provided by Truck Lagbe's service points include:

Truck Registration:

If a truck owner/driver wants to get a trip for his truck the first step is to register on the Truck Lagbe app. Drivers/owners can complete their registration part at any of Truck Lagbe's service points. Branch supervisors will assist drivers and owners in registering for the app, making the procedure easier for them.

Owners Training:

Our service points also provide training to our truck drivers/owners before and after their registration. We give them training regarding app registration and how they can navigate through the app or any issues they face while using the app. These instructions make their app usage easier. They also get help with issues like app usage training, trip bidding, trip payments, etc.

GPS Tracker Service:

Our registered truck drivers can buy TL GPS Tracker Service from any of these service points. Through this service, truck owners/drivers will get a TL GPS tracker which will help them to get the necessary information about their truck. They can also get training on how to use this service from the service point of Truck Lagbe.

Emergency Problem Solution:

Various issues arise during or after a trip, and resolving them can be challenging at the moment. As truck drivers and owners are prone to various unexpected issues, they can get their problems solved at any of these service points. They can seek help with issues such as trip-related issues, app usage issues, and many others.

Resting Facilities:

Product loading and unloading processes take time. While unloading goods in the factory or the port, drivers may have to wait. During certain hours, they might want to take a rest. At our service points, we provide rest areas for our truck drivers/owners, which they can use.

Truck Booking:

The users of Truck Lagbe can book trucks/pickups from any of these service points apart from using the app. If they want to get their goods moved for their personal reasons or their business purposes anything is possible. Apart from that, if they want to get shifting services within Truck Lagbe’s designated shifting location; they can also get it from these service points.

At present, Truck Lagbe is working to build more service centers in different districts to provide Truck Lagbe service in all parts of the country. In case of any need contact the Truck Lagbe Helpline (+8809638000245) or visit your nearest Truck Lagber Service Center.

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