4 things to do during rainy season to keep the goods in your truck safe

The rainy season is a challenging time for truck drivers and owners in regard to transportation of goods. Because, on the one hand, they have to timely deliver the goods shrugging off rain, and on the other hand they have to ensure the safety of the goods. This is a great conundrum for them and often the valuable goods of the shipper get damaged due to rain.

From dry goods to volatile chemicals; in a nutshell, the products which are usually packaged in carton boxes, are the most vulnerable and are at risk of being damaged by raindrops. If it happens, both the shipper and the driver/owner suffer.

However, if the drivers and owners are a bit careful in this rainy season, they will be easily able to avoid such unwanted disasters. 4 points have been mentioned below, which can be useful in ensuring the safety of products delivered via truck during rainy season:


1.   Always keep Tarpaulin in your truck and make sure that there are no holes on the Tarpaulin.

2.  During the rainy season, always cover the goods in your truck with tarpaulin even if it’s not raining. Because it might rain when you are on the go.

3.  If it starts raining while you are on a trip, park the truck at a safe place and check if the goods are safe.

4.  While transporting dry food/cartoon/paper-based goods, maintain extra caution.

Besides, if you are transporting goods in a covered van, check for any holes in the body as well as any potential damage in the putty. Because if there are any such holes or damage, the goods might not remain safe. While transporting goods, keep in mind that the responsibility of ensuring the safety of the products falls on the driver/owner's shoulders. Hence, always maintain caution in order to safely deliver the goods.

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