Trained Drivers

The truck drivers registered with Truck Lagbe carry valid driving licenses. In Bangladesh, getting a license to drive a heavy vehicle like Truck is time consuming. One can’t get such a license without having proper skillset and going through myriads of steps. Before registering any truck, the representatives of Truck Lagbe always cross check whether the drivers of the trucks are carrying a valid license or not.


Truck Lagbe also ensures that apart from having proper driving documents, registered Truck Drivers are also using their Truck Lagbe owner app properly. They are always given adequate training across various channels. We do keep in mind that the drivers in Bangladesh are not tech-savvy, hence providing training to newly registered drivers is included in our daily to do list.


Once you hire a truck via Truck Lagbe app, our trained drivers will ensure that your goods are being delivered at the right location with ease.

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