Mr. Abdul Alim was born in the land of Fakir Lalon Shah in Kustia, Bangladesh. He completed his study from there as well. After completing B.A he started studying Law but had to leave it due to work pressure. He started his transport business with passengers carrying microbus service. From there he ended up with trucking business and he does not regret it. He is our “Truck Lagbe Champion”.


In 2004, he started his business career as a supplier of a renowned tobacco company but that business was not successful as he could not cope up with the old suppliers of that company. It happened because of his limited experience in the supply business but he learned a lot from it. To change the fortune, Mr. Alim came to Dhaka and started the same business but this time he got success by grabbing a large contract of supplying wooden pallet to a pharmaceutical company. It was easy for him because he was already supplying raw wood to a furniture company.  


Business is a kind of addiction and making profits brings peace but too much greediness will bring disaster to one and that’s what happened when he bought a microbus which was influenced by a driver. A few months later that vehicle started generating financial loss and he kind of pissed off by the dishonest driver who motivated him to buy it. He sold it and remained silent. Later in 2010, he purchased a small truck and started the business again. He continued it for the next 05 years until 2014 when he bought another one. Mr. Alim remembers this specific year of his life because everything was working according to plan. Now he has 07 trucks in different sizes.


Doing business with honesty is the main motto of his life and he doesn’t forget his employees who work for him round the clock.


When asked about what change has “Truck Lagbe” brought in his life - he gave a smile. he mentioned, “ I am a little late riser in the morning and Truck lagbe made me lazier as now I can check trips for my trucks in the app. If I got one, I inform my driver to reach the destination point for loading. The truck fare’s are a little low and my drivers sometimes feel unhappy. I compensate them by raising commission for that specific trip. I don’t like to sit idle in truck stands”.


Truck Lagbe has installed GPS trackers among 05 of his trucks. Mr. Alim tracks them with his smartphone using the Truck Lagbe Owner app. Whoever wants to start trucking business, His suggestion is don’t do it because if there is no trip supply, he or she cannot survive in the market. He, himself struggled a lot to make the customer base to ensure trips for his trucks.


Recently Mr. Alim is planning to buy another truck for his fleet and he would like to buy a medium-sized truck instead of a large truck because he does not have experience in that market. 


Last month, Mr. Alim has done the maximum number of trips from the “Truck Lagbe” app and earned enough cash to make him our “Truck Lagbe Champion”. We, Truck Lagbe family congratulate him for this achievement and assure all the support for his success in the coming days.

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