Truck Lagbe Champion: Yasir Arafat

Stepping forward with strong plans and unwavering courage makes Yasir Arafat a successful truck owner. But it was not easy. Being a son of a civil servant, it was difficult to convince the family and move towards this sector. Initially, getting involved with the truck business was difficult for him. But as time passed, he moved forward with his vision and efforts. 

It's been 7 months since Mr. Arafat took off the business. Currently, he owns two trucks. He is now living with his family in Uttara, Dhaka. Before entering into the truck business, he researched the current situation of the market. After starting out, he learned about the app named ‘Truck Lagbe’. From the very beginning, Arafat Bhai was thoroughly impressed with the app's simplicity and credibility in getting trips. And now he can't think about his business without the app. 

Information from our data center clearly depicts the achievements of Arafat Bhai.  He has done the maximum number of trips in the last October-November month. And because of his outstanding performance, he has now become our 'Truck Lagbe Champion'.

Talking with the concerned authorities of Truck Lagbe, Yasir Arafat told about his experience with the app. He said that the app has been very helpful to get a return trip. As the app is active throughout the country, it is very easy to get these return trips. 

Mr. Arafat also mentions some of the features of the app that helped him to get success in his business. These are:

  1. Trained acquisition executives.
  2. Efficient customer service team. 
  3. App for all kinds of short-haul or long haul trips. 

Lastly, he wished Truck Lagbe a very bright future ahead.

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