Truck Lagbe Champion: Mohammad Shariful Islam

It was a difficult task for an well-educated man like Mohammed Shariful Islam to start trucking business. After finishing his Masters, he could have easily taken a job. But he chose a different path. At first, he bought a car and started driving for Uber. At the same time, he sold various goods through an online site. After further market studies and research, he got to know about the details of the truck business and eventually bought a truck. Later on, he came to know about the app-based online truck hiring service 'Truck Lagbe'. From then on, it has become a successful collaboration with Truck Lagbe and Mr. Shariful Islam.

At first, Shariful Islam started his journey with 1 pickup. Now he has 4. He hopes that in future this number will surely rise. When his TATA ACE pickups daily rush towards location for the trips, a spark of joy erupts in his face.

Since he was new in truck business, a question arises about how he got drivers for the trucks? According to him, some known contacts were already there. And he also believed that if his vision is right than everything will fall in place. He always advises his drivers to behave well with customers. According to him, the customer is the lifeblood of the business. So he kept a special eye on this.

According to recent data, Shariful Bhai on an average does more than 50 trips a month using the Truck Lagbe app. There have been times when he has completed more than 10 trips a day. As a result, he has become 'Truck Lagbe Champion'. 

Overall, Mr. Shariful Islam as a businessman is getting benefitted by the app service. According to him, this app is reducing the suffering of shippers by meeting their demands in time and has become a blessing for the drivers too.


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