What features can you get from TL Tracker to ensure your truck's safety?

For truck owners, GPS tracking brought about a revolution in the truck industry. With GPS trackers installed in trucks, owners can easily track their vehicles in real-time and ensure the safety of the trucks. Keeping in line with modern GPS tracking technology, Truck Lagbe provides an exclusive GPS service known as TL Tracker GPS Service. It provides some of the most sought-after features to truck owners and drivers for the safety of their trucks. Some of the features are explained below:

Live Tracking

TL tracker helps to track the real-time location of a truck. This means that owners have accurate knowledge of where their trucks are at all times. Unexpected mishaps during the trip can be better inspected. In this way, truck owners can ensure the safety of their trucks more strongly through live tracking.

Engine lock/unlock

This GPS device offers a feature for remotely locking/unlocking the engine of a truck which allows full control to owners of their vehicle and they can easily take preventive measures if they detect errant behavior from their drivers. In this way, truck owners ensure the safety of their trucks.

Device Power Cut Alert

TL tracker also offers a feature that immediately notifies the owner if a GPS device’s power is cut off. Owners can take time and devise the best way to tackle this problem which makes sure that such issues do not hinder their operation.

Engine on/off

TL tracker notifies the owner whenever an engine of a tracked vehicle is either turned off or turned on. The owner can also turn the engine off if he notices any unusual event. It helps an owner to take appropriate actions that can be taken in such situations.

30 Days History

TL tracker keeps the history of the vehicle for the last 30 days. An owner can easily check the history of their vehicles over this period. They can, for example, analyze the 30 days history and pinpoint if there are any issues that occurred around that time. 

TL Tracker also has many other interesting features like Live Traffic, Overspeed Alert, Geo-Fence Alert, Live Speed Update, and many more that will take your business to greater heights. So contact 09638000245 now to buy a GPS package of Truck Lagbe.

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