3 advanced features of TL GPS Tracker

Truck Lagbe offers a GPS service called “TL Tracker GPS Service” which has brought a revolutionary change to truck owners in their truck business. Today we will take a look at 3 advanced features of TL Tracker GPS service.

Live tracking

With TL Tracker, you can track your truck wherever it is. With the live tracking feature, truck owners can always track the location of their trucks no matter where they are in the country. During the trip there is an opportunity to better observe any kind of situation. In this way, truck owners can better ensure the safety of their trucks through live tracking.

30 days history

Another special feature of TL Tracker is ‘30 Days History’. With this feature an owner can easily view all the information related to his truck for the last 30 days which will help him identify any issues. This feature also includes a playback option where the truck owner can see live where the truck has traveled on which route and at what time during the whole day or in the last 30 days.

Daily mileage

You might want to see how many kilo meters your truck has traveled throughout the day. A new feature of TL Tracker is "Daily Mileage". Through this you can see the distance of your truck throughout the day. With this feature you can also estimate your oil consumption at the end of the month.

TL Tracker also has many other interesting features like Live Traffic, Overspeed Alert, Geo-Fence Alert, Live Speed Update, and many more that will take your business to greater heights. So contact 09638000245 now to buy a GPS package of Truck Lagbe.

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