TL Tracker: Exciting features ensuring total control of your trucks

For a Truck Owner, the main means of business is his truck or pickup. So to keep his business operational, it is necessary not only to ensure regular trips for the truck but also to ensure the safety of the vehicle and regular monitoring of all the parts of the vehicle. So in addition to vehicle maintenance, GPS has long been used in trucks or pickups to ensure proper management of this business. 

With the help of GPS, truck owners can easily know when and where their vehicle is, what road the driver is on, whether he is getting a trip properly as well as getting various other benefits. This allows the truck owner to easily control his truck and business wherever he is.

Realizing the need for GPS tracking service in the truck business, the country's largest means of getting a trip - "Truck Lagbe" has now brought GPS tracking service- TL Tracker. Truck owners will get all types of tracking and maintenance benefits in the form of affordable packages by availing this GPS tracking service.

GPS Packages of Truck Lagbe:-

TL Tracker Package features-1

Let's take a look at the benefits you will get after purchasing Truck Lagbe GPS Tracking Service.

1. Live Tracking

With this, you can know the location of your vehicle at any moment directly from the "Truck Lagbe Owner" app. You will be able to see the locations of all the vehicles that have Truck Lagbe GPS tracker installed in the truck.

2. Live Speed Update

With this feature, you can know how fast the vehicle is currently moving. This allows you to warn the driver if he is driving at extra speed.

3. Live Traffic

Using this feature, you will be able to know in advance what the traffic jam is like on the route that your vehicle will use. By doing this you will be able to avoid the road with traffic jams in advance.

4. 30 days History

The truck owner will be able to see the driving information of his vehicle from the app for the last 30 days, find out how many places the vehicle has stopped and how long it has stopped at a particular place. You can alert the driver immediately if the vehicle stops in one place for more than the optimum time.

5. Engine On/Off

The truck owner will get a notification in the app about when the engine of a vehicle is on or switched off, and will see the engine on / off status.

6. Device Power Cut Alert

If someone detaches the GPS device from the vehicle, the owner will be notified immediately in app and via SMS.

7. Device Low Battery Alert

If the battery of the GPS device is low, it will be notified in the app through notification. This allows you to be alert before the GPS device is turned off.

8. Over Speed Alert

The truck owner will be able to keep the alert at the speed of his choice. If the vehicle speed exceeds the limit, he will immediately get a notification in the app.

9. Hard Break/Acceleration Alert

In case of a sudden hard brake, it will be informed through notification. Many times, a hard brake is done in case of a sudden accident. This alert helps you to be aware of any potential accidents.

10. Geo-Fence alert

Using this facility, the truck owner will be able to restrict the movement of vehicles within a certain area, if the vehicle goes outside that area, or enters a certain area, the truck owner will get notification immediately.

Here's how to set-up the geofencing feature:

11. Share Location

Using this option the truck owner can share the location of his truck with anyone he knows. This will allow anyone you know to monitor the movement of vehicles on the trip.

12. Emergency Alert

There will be a panic button inside the vehicle, in case of danger the driver can quickly press this button to let the truck owner know that he is in danger.

13. Voice Monitoring

Using this feature the truck owner can listen to the conversation inside his car.

14. Engine Lock/Unlock

If the truck owner sees that his car is moving out of its destination, he can use this feature to lock the engine. This will cause the moving car to start moving slowly and the engine to shut down eventually. 

Click here to know more details about the two packages. To get this service, contact Truck Lagbe’s customer care directly at 13303.

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