TL GPS Tracker: A smart solution to take your trucking business to the next level

Thanks to modern technology, almost all truck and pickup owners now use GPS trackers in their vehicles. A GPS tracker is one of the main considerations when it comes to improving the transportation business. Many people are now relying on GPS devices for their business due to various benefits including knowing the location of the truck, the movement of the vehicle on any route, vehicle engine (on or off) alert, accident alert etc.

Do you know how the device you are relying on to ensure the safety of the vehicle is working and showing all the information about your vehicle?

Let’s find out today how a GPS tracker tells you all the information about your vehicle- 


How does GPS tracker work?

The full name of ‘GPS’ is “Global Positioning System”. The system is operated with the help of 32 satellites situated in space above the earth. (1)

The GPS tracker installed in your vehicle is using this system to keep you informed of all the information about your vehicle.

Almost all the GPS trackers in the market use the SIM card of a telecom company. This SIM communicates with the satellite through the internet network with the help of tracking facility of the device as well as sends all the information of your vehicle to the server, which you can later view from the mobile app or web portal.


Why is a GPS tracker important for trucks?

Using a GPS tracker on your truck or pickup will give you a lot of information that will help you manage your business properly and at an affordable rate. Let’s see why you need a GPS for your truck-


1.   Will help you track the location of your truck 24/7

2.  You will know when and on which route the truck has traveled

3.  You can lock / unlock the engine of the truck in case of emergency from your mobile

4.  You will get to know when the engine is turning on or off.

5.  And one of the greatest advantages is to get a trip from the same place where your truck or pickup will be.

(This feature can only be obtained by using the Truck Lagbe’s GPS device, which you can use from the Truck Lagbe app. To buy the GPS tracker, call directly on 09638000245)


Apart from the major benefits mentioned above, GPS devices may come with additional benefits depending on the manufacturer. In today’s age of technology it can be very difficult to do business without such facilities, so it is very important to use a GPS tracker for your truck or pickup.


How the TL GPS Tracker can help you

To do well in the truck business, you need to get trips on a regular basis for your Trucks. If the trip is available from wherever the driver goes, then your business will become several times faster.

In order to provide you with this benefit, Truck Lagbe has introduced a GPS tracking solution for your Truck and Pickup. Using the GPS tracking device of Truck Lagbe allows you to take trips from the area where your truck will be in and from the surrounding areas as well via Truck Lagbe Owner app.

truck lagbe gps package

Truck Lagbe’s GPS Packages

In addition to the convenience of taking trips, there are 2 different types of packages with various other facilities to choose from at your convenience. The packages are mentioned below along with the rates:

GPS Packages for blog-Truck Lagbe

To purchase this device directly contact this number – 09638000245

After purchasing the device, you can avail all the benefits of the device by subscribing to the package of your choice from the app.




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