Participate in ‘’Spot Truck Lagbe’’ contest and win exciting gifts!

Do you want to win headphones, bluetooth speakers, power banks, smart watches, and other interesting gifts? Truck Lagbe has something exciting in store for you! 

Everyday we see trucks around us transporting essential things all over the country. It embellishes every street in busy cities but it’s often unnoticed and unfathomed. At Truck Lagbe, we believe we have the right initiative planned to stir the spirit of fun and adventure in you the next time you encounter a truck. Trucks keep our streets alive and drive our economy in the midst of the hustle and bustle.  So, the next time you go strolling through the city centers or your neighborhood alleys if you spot a truck, get ready to be excited!

Truck Lagbe has launched a new contest ‘’Spot Truck Lagbe’’. The audience has to take a photo of a truck, focusing on the sticker of Truck Lagbe, and post it to their own social media profile with the campaign hashtags. Then they have to tag and invite at least 2 friends in the post. Every day a winner will be selected by lottery and will receive exciting prizes.  



1. If you see a truck on the road, look for the ‘’Truck Lagbe sticker’’ on the truck. It is placed at the back, or at the front of the truck. 



2. Once spotted, take a picture focusing on the sticker.


3. Now share the picture in your own Facebook or Instagram profile.

4. Use campaign hashtags in your caption - #SpotTruckLagbe #TruckLagbe and #YourLocation (The hashtag #YourLocation indicates the place where the photo was taken)

5. Tag at least 2 friends in your post and tell them to participate in the contest.

6. Mention the verified page of ‘’Truck Lagbe’’ in your caption. 


Terms and conditions:

  1. The photo must be shared publicly on social media (Facebook or Instagram).
  2. It’s mandatory to use hashtags #SpotTruckLagbe, #TruckLagbe, and #yourlocation 
  3. The photo needs to be clear and the sticker should be better focused.
  4. The contest starts on February 12th, 2022 and it will end on February 18th, 2022.
  5. If you upload a picture after 18th February 2022, it won’t be counted. 
  6. Every day, just one winner will be announced.
  7. Truck Lagbe reserves the right to disqualify or suspend anyone who engages in questionable practices.
  8. Truck Lagbe reserves the right to change the terms of the contest at any time without any notice.
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