Lucrative Fare

Imagine how it would have been if you could get a trip for your truck exactly at your desired price! Let’s consider that you will go to Comilla from Dhaka tomorrow for a trip. Once you reach Comilla, you won’t have to wait for trips as another trip will be ready for you. On top of that, the full trip fare will go in your pocket as you won’t have to share it with agencies or brokers. Now you are thinking about how this can be possible! How can you take trips across the country at the price of your choice, with the assurance that you shall get the full amount of the fare for yourself? 


In reality, anything is possible nowadays due to the emergence of technology. If you have a smartphone and you use the “Truck Lagbe Owner” app in it, getting trips of your choice won’t be a concern. You will be able to take trips by yourself via the app by directly communicating with shippers. You can get return trips from unload points at lucrative rates as well. Isn’t it great? 


Countless trips are up for grabs everyday for you. All you have to do is to download the “Truck Lagbe Owner” app and register so that you can get trips at an exciting rate. So, what are you waiting for?

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