No Middleman

Not getting the full amount of the trip fare is a regular complaint by the truck owners/drivers of Bangladesh.  A big chunk of the fare amount goes to the middlemen. Imagine what you usually do when you are taking a Trip to Chittagong; you inform a known medium that your truck is ready for a return trip from Chittagong. If you don’t get a trip in this way, you park your truck in a stand and visit places like Madartek where auctions for trips take place. Even if you get a trip in this way, you won’t get the total amount of the trip fare. You repeat the same process no matter where you go; you are either taking trips from a known person or through a middleman. 


Apart from this, many of you spend hours at the office of a transport agency in the hope of getting trips. In this way, the whole process becomes clumsy as you are either losing money to a middleman, or spending idle time to wait for trips and subsequently, losing money.  


Under such circumstances, using “Truck Lagbe Owner” app can easily solve the aforementioned problem. “Truck lagbe” will directly connect you with the shipper. Hence you won’t have to depend on middlemen. And since you are taking the trips directly via the app, you will get the fare in full amount. 


Therefore, forget all your worries and use “Truck Lagbe Owner app”. Save yourself from middlemen and keep the wheel of your earning rolling. 

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