Truck Lagbe Owner App: What is Completion Rate and why is it important to have a good completion rate?

Many times, truck owners and drivers have to cancel their trips for various reasons, such as: Truck is not needed now, the date of the trip has changed, etc. 

Another reason for cancelling the trip is that the truck drivers and owners often bid in a hurry without looking into details, and later on decide to cancel the trip as he is not willing to transport the goods to the place mentioned in the trip details. For these reasons, the shipper is often having a bad experience while hiring trucks from the app. 

So to improve the experience of hiring trucks using the app and to encourage the drivers and owners who are providing the service, we are emphasizing on trip Completion Rate(CR). Let’s learn what trip completion rate is

Trip Completion Rate(CR) means the ratio of the number of trips which you finished against the number of trips you have taken from “Truck Lagbe Owner” App

-If you go to the menu option of your account, you will see the rate of completion of your trip in the place marked in the picture. The higher this rate, the better.

trip completion rate-truck lagbe owner app


-If your rate is less than 70%, you will receive a warning in your app:

trip completion rate-truck lagbe owner app

-At this stage, you need to be careful about canceling the trip, as your account will be suspended if the trip completion rate falls below 50%, and you will see this message in the app:

trip completion rate-truck lagbe owner app

*You will not be able to take a trip from the app for the next 3 days. After 3 days your trip completion rate will be 100% again and you will be able to take the trip.


Benefits of High Completion Rate

Let’s see what are the benefits of maintaining high completion rate: 

1. Chances of getting a high number of trips will increase.

2. Having a high number of trips will allow you to maintain a high user rating within the app. 

3. Chances of customers accepting your bids in the app will increase.

4. There won’t be any chances of your account being blocked for completion rate.


How your trip completion rate is determined:

Suppose you have taken 10 trips in the app, now out of these 10 trips you have canceled 3 trips and completed 6 trips. Then your trip completion rate is:

trip completion rate-truck lagbe owner app

*This calculation is based on the last 20 trips you have taken in the last 90 days from the app.

* If your trip gets canceled due to the shipper’s problem, your completion rate won’t decrease.

To know when a rating is considered to be a good rating, check out this chart- 

trip completion rate-truck lagbe owner app

*After 3 days, your rating will return to being 100% and a new calculation will start. 

If your trip completion rate is poor now, try to start focusing on improving the rating from now on. Once you finish delivering goods while on a trip, go to “Ongoing Trips” and mark it finished. Even if your rating is poor as of now, you can easily improve it by taking more trips and finishing them properly.

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