5 useful features of Truck Lagbe app

You often need to move your products around the country for your personal or business needs. Booking a truck, keeping track of where your goods are while in transit, as well as their safety and successful delivery can become challenging. But do not worry! Truck Lagbe has you covered. 

It is a technology-driven digital solution that allows you to hire the truck of your choice in just a few clicks. Through this app renting pickups, trucks, and covered vans is simple. The app includes a number of features that will make your truck rental experience easier. Here are some of the Truck Lagbe app's features that can help you in managing your business logistics easily or deliver personal products like furniture, equipment, whatever you name it.

Hassle-free location selection

Truck Lagbe app provides you with many different methods of inputting your location of the loading point. You can easily select between divisions and port locations that are already available. In case your location does not show on the divisions or ports list, you can load them from your saved addresses. You can always use the map and drop a pin at your exact location.

Multiple stop & unload points

Truck Lagbe app allows you to add multiple unload and stop points in the same way. As a business, you will want to optimize your trips. You would like to stop at multiple locations and make deliveries as you go towards the final destination. Now you can take care of all the deliveries from your warehouse in Nawabpur to your stores in Dhanmondi, Banani, and Uttara all in the same trip.

Fixed rent within Dhaka

There is often market price volatility while booking trucks. Also going to the truck stand for the trip and hiring a truck is a hassle. There is also uncertainty about what it might cost you. In this case, you can hire trucks at a fixed rate within Dhaka city. In this way, you can easily rent a truck at a fixed rate, avoiding additional hassles.

Up-down trips

After transporting goods to a particular location, new goods may be required on the return trip.
There is an up-down trip feature in the Truck Lagbe app where you have the option to transport the goods from the destination back to your source location.

Whole Day rent

Sometimes you may not be sure how long it might take you to complete deliveries/moving; it may be a few hours, or may even end up taking an entire day. TL offers a whole-day rent feature where you can rent a truck for an entire day. Now you have the flexibility to plan out how many trips you want.


Truck Lagbe app connects you to the biggest network of verified truck owners and drivers. If you like a truck driver's service after the trip, you can add them to your favorite driver list in the app. This enables you to take trips with drivers with whom you are comfortable. You can also block them if you don't like the service of any particular driver. 

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