How "Sajib Corporation" has managed to get any type of truck at anywhere in time

One of the biggest challenges for any company in using traditional means for truck rental is to hire a truck in a timely manner. Whether to unload goods from the port or to send goods to the distribution channel; in all these cases the shippers face complications regarding scheduling, if the truck does not reach the load point on time.

Hence, while working with Sajeeb Corporation, ensuring timely truck hiring has acted as the main directive for Truck Lagbe. In the conventional transportation system, Sajeeb Corporation had been facing this problem on a regular basis. Which, in turn, led to the imposition of additional charges at the port and the absence of the product in the market due to late delivery of the products to the distribution channels.

According to a survey conducted by the World Bank in November last year, it is possible to reduce the cost of logistics in Bangladesh by 25% by increasing performance.


“Truck Lagbe” has been working on such major issues with the current transportation system ever since they started their business. To solve this, Truck Lagbe has developed a technology-based online platform, with more than 50,000 trucks nationwide.


Because of the technology-driven management system - it has become easier to secure truck booking based on the particular truck route and the location of the truck at a particular time.


“Our experience with “Truck Lagbe” is very pleasant. Punctuality, keeping commitment, guaranteed service  are some of their major qualities. Whenever I ask for any kind of trucks, they are always ready to provide it at anytime, anywhere!”

K. M. Ashraf Uz Zaman, Senior Transport Officer (Transport In-charge), Sajeeb Corporation 


According to the data accumulated by Truck Lagbe that has been running their business for more than 3 years, any company is now able to halve the lead time for trucks to deliver goods on time by simply hiring trucks from an app-based service compared to the conventional trend of hiring trucks. So in the current market, there is no alternative to app-based truck rental to survive the competition and make the logistics system of the business more efficient.


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