How "Armor Polymer" got their coveted "One Stop Solution" for transporting goods

When it comes to transportation of goods in Bangladesh, business establishments rely on several means at the same time as per the conventional norms; from transport agencies to well-known drivers who work as a medium, even truck stand brokers. Businesses are using another medium if they face trouble while hiring a truck from one medium. But even then, they aren’t being able to get rid of the problems such as getting a truck late, the uncertainty of getting a truck and the extra fare.

Proper usage of technology in all areas of the transportation sector can be the only solution to all these mismanagement in this sector.

“Truck Lagbe provides fast service as its a technology based company. They save a lot of time for us and also its very cost effective.”- Saifuddin Saif, AGM (Commercial & Supply Chain), Armor Polymer Ltd.

With this realization in mind from the beginning, "Truck Lagbe" has been providing complete technology based services for various businesses. And as part of this logistics service, the contracted companies are enjoying the following benefits:

  • One Hundred percent guarantee of getting trucks for all routes of the country
  • Timely delivery of Trucks at Load Point
  • Best rate for any route 

There is also a dedicated key account manager for businesses to facilitate communication on all types of transportation issues.

All of this has overcome the limitations of conventional transportation system and developed the "Truck Lagbe" as a one-stop solution for any business. As a result, any business organization is getting assured solution to all the problems related to its transportation on this single platform.

If you also want a one stop solution for transporting your goods by the using modern technology, avoiding all the hassles, then contact now at this number: 09736000245

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