House shifting service in Dhaka: What are your options?

House shifting in Dhaka city can be a hassle. There are many moving parts in the process and it is very easy to make a mistake. With careful planning and some assistance, this experience can be made better. Whether you are doing it on your own or with the help of a house shifting service in Dhaka, primarily there are several ways of shifting/moving:

  • You can decide to manage the process entirely by yourself and make sure all your valuables are carefully packed, labeled and accounted for when you complete the move without any damage. This also means that it is up to you to find suitable people to help move your furniture, rent truck/van for transportation, separately manage payment for movers and transportation and finally make sure everything is placed accordingly at your destination.
  • You can pay a third party moving service to complete the move for you. These companies require an assessment from you to offer you a price for one or more of their services. These services include movers, packers and transportation. You can choose to use one or more of these services depending on your needs and level of involvement.
  • You can get a shifting service online. In that case, you can use Truck Lagbe’s shifting service. It is a professional house shifting service in Dhaka that offers reliable services at a very affordable price. From truck rentals and furniture transfers to home appliance installation and repair services, Truck Lagbe provides customers with a complete shifting service.

Following services are provided by an online house shifting service in Dhaka: Truck Lagbe include:

  • Verified truck and skilled labor support: Truck Lagbe offers verified trucks and skilled labor support for your transportation and moving needs. All packers, movers and truck drivers are professionals and have been thoroughly vetted by Truck Lagbe to ensure great quality service.
  • Packaging and set up service: You can employ packers, movers or both from Truck Lagbe and they will help you pack all your furniture and valuables and load them for transportation and place them at your new home/office respectively.
  • Skilled technician: TL offers skilled technicians to help move your electronics with care and reset them at your destination. 
  • Pre inspection and post shifting related services: Truck Lagbe offers pre inspection services including instant quotation, on-call customer service and also provides post shifting services.

Besides the above mentioned shifting services, some additional services include:

  • Pest control services are provided for your home/office
  • Cleaning services for your home and office
  • Air conditioner (AC) repairing and maintenance services
Be it for shifting your new house or shifting your bachelor residence, Truck Lagbe provides a reliable service. It’s very popular in places like Dhaka, Chittagong, Narayanganj, Savar, Khulna and Gazipur. To Book the shifting service of Truck Lagbe, visit
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