“#EkTakarTrip” and few of our “Unsung Heroes”

Is it even possible to book a truck at only 1 taka? Especially in this moment of crisis surrounding Corona, when the whole nation has become stagnant? We also had this question in our mind. Recently Bidyanondo Foundation posted on facebook asking for trucks to help boost their effort in fighting Coronavirus. In order to assist them, we posted trips priced at 1 taka only in our system and waited to see the reaction from Truck Drivers/Owners.

Most of us don’t often think about these Truck Drivers and Owners. But all the development and progress that we have achieved so far for this country, has been achieved through the hard work of these truck drivers/owners.  Even now when the whole nation is stagnant, our necessary and urgent goods are being delivered to us with their help. 

So we weren't that surprised when Namzul bhai, Dip bhai and Sohrab bhai took such trips at 1 taka only and delivered products for Bidyanondo. Such drivers and owners are our unsung heroes, who in these dire circumstances deliver urgent products across the country, leaving their kids and family at home.

Other Truck owners or drivers who want to come forward and contribute, can take such trips from “Truck Lagbe” owner app. When you go through the details of the trips posted in the app, you will get to see that some trips are priced at 1 taka and are for projects by Bidyanondo Foundation to fight Coronavirus. You can confirm such trips by bidding 1 taka only and by doing so, will be contributing to a noble cause.

We are expressing our gratitude towards “1 takar ahar” for coming forward during such tough times. At the same time, we would also like to thank our Truck Drivers and Owners who have been helping us behind the scene. The wheels of their trucks are still running and along with them, we have been relentlessly serving our customers.  Let’ join our heroes and fight this epic battle together.

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