AMIDST ONGOING CORONA CRISIS, 4 Reasons to take service from Truck Lagbe

The whole world is at a standstill due to the current Corona crisis. Lockdown is going on in most of the countries. In Bangladesh as well, general holiday has been going on as per government instruction since last March. The economy is also stagnant. 

At this moment, we must first ensure safety for all. So, everyone should follow emergency health & hygiene rules and maintain social distance. But at the same time, it is very important to ensure the supply of essential products amidst such a difficult time. Meanwhile, the government is slowly reopening essential import-export and factories considering future economic downturn. 

For such reasons, emergency transports such as trucks, cargo, etc. have been running as usual according to government instruction from the beginning of the general holiday. Hence, “Truck Lagbe” has been continuing to provide its service in order to meet the daily urgent necessities of the country and its people. 

It’s worth mentioning that those who hire trucks from the local market on a regular basis for business purposes are well aware of the hassle involved in the whole process.  Starting from delay in arrival of trucks to an unbelievable hike in truck fare due to middlemen, a plethora of complaints are often heard on a regular basis in regards to truck hiring. 

For valid & relevant reasons, hiring trucks for business purposes has become a huge challenge during this Corona crisis. However, at this moment, “Truck Lagbe” can be the ideal solution to transport any type of commercial goods. 4 reasons to take service from “Truck Lagbe” to transport commercial goods during this ongoing crisis are mentioned below:- 

1.  Hiring trucks while remaining safe at your home or office: Maintaining social distance is the utmost necessity at this moment for all. And you can simply use the “Truck Lagbe” app to hire required trucks without any worries while you are safe at your home or office.

2.  Best rate for hiring trucks: There are an abundance of trucks, pickups and covered vans registered with “Truck Lagbe” app. Hence, even in the current situation, you are getting the assurance of the best rates for transporting goods anywhere in the country. 

3.  Dedicated Account Manager: If you want to bestow the responsibility of your product transportation to an account manager, “Truck Lagbe” can provide you that service as well. Especially in this moment, an Account Manager can be the key to your business success.

4.  Digital Billing: You can also take the Digital Billing Service of Truck Lagbe to make your transactions easier. Amidst ongoing holiday, this service can be very crucial for you.

Apart from the aforementioned reasons, you can depend on Truck Lagbe in regards to transportation of your commercial goods for several other reasons such as: Verified Truck, Trained Drivers etc. It should be mentioned that, to receive some exclusive services including Dedicated Account Manager and Digital Billing, you need to avail “Truck Lagbe Enterprise Solutions” service. To know more about this, you can contact the Customer Care Team of Truck Lagbe directly at this number: 09638000245

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