Be a Top Driver and win free disinfection service

While it is always important to maintain hygiene all the time, the ongoing global pandemic caused by Coronavirus has caught everyone off-guard. Now most of us are trying to maintain personal and living space hygiene, but what about workplace hygiene?  Imagine the life of our Truck Operators who don’t enjoy safe, brick & mortar set-up as workplaces like most of us do. Their workplaces are the Trucks they drive which are constantly on the go. 

Those of you who are operating trucks, need to be extra-cautious when it comes to maintaining personal and vehicular hygiene and should always take necessary safety measures, including cleaning and disinfecting their vehicles. From the very beginning of the ongoing pandemic, Truck Lagbe has been working vigorously to raise awareness regarding cleanliness and providing necessary directives to its registered drivers to maintain vehicular hygiene.  If you are registered with Truck Lagbe, WE HAVE GREAT NEWS FOR YOU! 


Truck Lagbe is arranging FREE cleaning and disinfection service for your Trucks in collaboration with

Every week you will have the opportunity to get top-notch cleaning and disinfection service provided you become one of the 10 Top Drivers of that week. Wondering how to be a top driver? Simply maintain the followings every week:

  •  Highest number of Trips per week 
  •  Best completion rates per week

As our Top Drivers, you can get the following benefits for FREE:-

  • State of the art disinfection service
  • Mask
  • Hand Gloves

be a top driver and win free disinfaction service from truck lagbe


Besides. The top drivers will be featured in our social media posts. So, do you want to be a Top driver? Keep taking and completing trips from “Truck Lagbe Owner” app regularly from now on and enjoy free cleaning & disinfection service from us. 

If you haven’t registered your truck yet then register your truck now and take more trips from the app to become a top driver.

Download the app now-

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Terms & Conditions:-

  • Contest duration: The contest is valid up until 28th July, 2020. Only numbers obtained before 28th July, 11.59 PM will be counted. 
  • Truck Lagbe holds the right to decide winners
  • Winners will get confirmation notification via sms or phone call.
  • We have zero-tolerance for any fraudulent activity to improve numbers. Anyone found to have pursued
  • Fraudulent activity will be immediately disqualified and banned from the app. 
  • Truck Lagbe holds right of every aspect of this campaign including change of campaign or stopping it without any prior notice 


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