Refer 'Truck Lagbe Owner' app to your known truck owners or drivers and win up to 25000 BDT referral bonus

Now you can get a maximum referral bonus of up to Tk 25,000 BDT, by providing your referral code from Truck Lagbe Owner app to your familiar truck owner or driver. Any Truck Lagbe registered truck owner or driver will be able to avail this facility.

How to get a referral bonus in the 'Truck Lagbe Owner' app?

To get a referral bonus from a minimum of BDT 200 to a maximum of BDT 25,000, the following conditions must be met-

  1. Go to the 'রেফার করে আয় করুন' option from the app's menu-
    Drawer refer page_Truck lagbe
  2. Share with your known truck owner via any social media or message by pressing the ‘রেফার করুন’ option-
    get referral bonus- truck lagbe
  3. Here's how the truck owners or drivers will see your referral bonus message-
    Truck lagbe referal invitation
  4. The truck owner or driver to whom you have sent the referral code will register on 'Truck Lagbe Owner' app like this using the code-
    Truck Lagbe promo code uses
  5. If the truck owner completes 1 trip in the first 1 week, 5 more trips in the next 7 days, and 10 trips in the next 14 days after registering with the referral code given by you, then consecutively you will get referral bonuses of 200, 600 and 1500 BDT-
    truck Lagbe trip history referral notification-Truck Lagbe

This way you can easily get a maximum referral bonus of 25,000 BDT by referring any truck owner or driver you know.

Conditions for receiving referral bonus:

  1. After a new truck owner or driver registers in the 'Truck Lagbe Owner' app using your referral code:
  • If the new truck owner completes 1 trip in the first 7 days, you will get a 200 taka referral bonus.
  • In the next 7 days, if the new truck owner completes 5 more trips using Truck Lagbe owner app, then you will get an additional Tk. 800 referral bonus.
  • In the next 14 days, if the new truck owner completes 10 more trips using the app, then you will get another 1500 taka referral bonus.
  1. Upon successful completion of required steps referral bonus will be given to you within 3-7 working days.
  2. You can refer upto 10 new truck owners or drivers.
  3. Truck Lagbe has the right to review or modify the terms and conditions of the "Referral Bonus" at any time, without any accountability/notice, and as a 'Truck Lagbe owner App' user, users will be obliged to accept such review, modification, correction.

If you want to know more details about referral bonus, reach out to us on this number - 13303.

Download the 'Truck Lagbe Owner' app and refer it to your familiar truck owners or drivers-


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