The number of patients infected with Covid is increasing every day, the number of those affected by this 2nd wave is increasing faster than before and it is more frightening. So now we need to be more careful than ever and try to get all the necessary work done without going out of the house as much as possible.

Although we all know how to keep ourselves safe from the virus, many times we still neglect those things. We need to remember that especially at this time we must follow the following steps to keep ourselves and everyone around us safe and sound –

1.    Refrain from going out unless absolutely necessary and always make sure that the family members are being careful as well.

2.    If you want to go out, you must wear a mask and keep a hand sanitizer with you.

3.    Do not leave used tissues and masks here and there.

4.    After coming home from outside, wash your hands thoroughly with soap before touching anything in the house

*If you get infected with corona now, the conditions that could appear in the body might be slightly different from the previous type of corona. So if you notice any abnormal changes or feeling bad, contact a doctor immediately.

Amidst everything, we have to do the daily necessities and have to go outside for many needs. However, if you want, you can order online and shop for grocery and daily necessities. 

To meet the needs of ordinary people, many businesses have been kept open on a limited scale. Necessary goods are required to be delivered to all places. Hence, the nations’ transportation system is operational amidst lockdown.

Just like normal times, Truck Lagbe is working to ensure smooth transportation across the country within lockdown as well. During the last lockdown, Truck Lagbe was assisting Vidyananda and other voluntary organizations to distribute relief items in different parts of the country, as well as agricultural products and government emergency goods. In continuity, Truck Lagbe is providing emergency transportation service this time as well while being compliant with the rules and regulations.  

Aside from Truck booking facility via app, In the midst of the current lockdown, Truck Labe has launched emergency service considering everyone’s convenience so that trucks or pickups can be hired for any need. Through this service, anyone can hire a truck or pickup by calling the hotline number of ‘Truck Lagbe’ – 09638000245. By contacting this number anyday from 9.00 AM – 10.00 PM, you can hire trucks or pickups for personal or business needs. 

* This emergency service of Truck Lagbe will remain available during the current lockdown period in Dhaka, Gazipur, Narayanganj and Chittagong. 

In addition, anyone can hire a truck from anywhere in the country through the Truck Lagbe app.

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