3 features you need to know before taking trips in “Truck Lagbe” owner app

If you learn about a work before doing it, your work will become much easier to do. This fact is more applicable when it comes to running a business. So if you are somehow connected to Truck Business and are using Truck Lagbe Owner app, knowing about the functions of the app is a necessity for you.

Also, considering your convenience Truck Lagbe Owner App gets updated on a regular basis. Hence, that are important for you to understand before taking any trips.


1.   Allocated time for Bidding (For 1-2 ton pickup)

Based on Load-unload point, allocated time for Bidding for 1-2 ton pickup is as follows:-

  • For Trips Within Dhaka :

You will get 20 minutes’ Bidding time for trips where both loading and unloading points are within Dhaka City. After 20 minutes, you won’t be able to bid on such trips. Afterward, the shipper will get another 10 minutes to accept the bid. That means, whether you are getting the trip or not, will be confirmed within 30 minutes. 

  •  For Trips from Dhaka to Outside:

You will get 20 minutes’ bidding time for trips where the loading point is within Dhaka but unloading point is outside Dhaka. Likewise, Shippers will get 10 minutes to accept the bid. Eventually, whether you are getting the trip or not will be confirmed within 30 minutes.

  •  For Trips Outside Dhaka:

For a trip where both loading and unloading points are outside Dhaka, the allocated bidding time is 60 minutes (1 hour). Like other bidding trips, the Shipper will get 10 minutes to accept the bid. So within 1 hour and 10 minutes, you will be confirmed whether you are getting the trip or not.  


Bidding Trip Time


2.  Trip at a Fixed Rate

There are two types of Trips in Truck Lagbe Owner App. These are:-

  • Bidding Trip:   
    The trip where you have to bid the amount you want to get for a trip and you will get the trip if the shipper accepts the bid.
  •  Fixed Rate Trip:   
    You will get to know the trip price beforehand and can directly accept the trip.


A common mistake that many of you make when it comes to a fixed-rate trip is the time of the trip.  Many drivers/owners think that all fixed-rate trips are urgent trips. One has to keep in mind that a fixed rate can be either an urgent trip or a trip that can be for a later time.

Hence, you might end up getting a trip for tomorrow at a fixed rate. Under such circumstances, accept the trip and send your truck on due time.

Before taking any trip, you have to consider the followings:-


  •  The time and date of trip
  •  Loading and unloading point of the trip


3.   Trip Charge

Another important topic is the charge for a trip. It’s important to understand the followings in this case:-

  • In some of the selected trips there might be a fixed amount of service charge which you will be able to see before bidding.
  • The trip charge will be only displayed in your account as a negative balance when your bid will be accepted by the shipper.
  • If your credit limit (due charge) is more than 200 tk, you won’t be able to take any trip that includes charge. However, you won’t face any problem taking trips that don’t have any charges.
  • Once you pay your due charge via bKash from the payment option within your app, you will be able to take all kinds of trips once again. 

To know more about these features in details, watch the following tutorial video:-  


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