How To Rent a Truck Easily From Truck Lagbe App

There was a time when truck hiring for personal or business deliveries was time consuming and a difficult task. Often it would require an individual to physically go to a truck stand, find truck owners/drivers and finally, haggle about the price. Truck Lagbe is here to solve this very issue with its technology driven digital solution. Truck Lagbe provides truck hiring service instantly, no matter where the consumers are because it’s truck hiring process is very easy and quick.

Truck Lagbe’s service extends all throughout the country including Dhaka city. The scenario of Dhaka City's transportation system has changed since it made the truck rental process real-time and started offering 1 ton trucks at a fixed rate. According to a research by Truck Lagbe, customers are saving upto 15-20% on delivery within Dhaka city, and the time it takes to rent a truck has been reduced to under a minute.

Truck Lagbe is here to revolutionize the logistics industry of Bangladesh. The truck rental app “Truck Lagbe” is available for Android devices. It’s advanced technology provides consumers with a seamless and easy experience, allowing them to rent trucks in real time and select the proper vehicle size with only a few clicks.

What are the steps to install the truck rental app ‘’Truck Lagbe’’?


Here are the steps for renting a truck through the app:


Registration process:

  • To get started, download the Truck Lagbe app from your Google Play Store. 
  • Once the application is installed, register easily with your phone number. An One Time Pin (OTP) code will be sent to your phone. Enter the OTP to complete the registration process. You can register with your Facebook or Google account as well.

Truck hiring process:

  • To rent a truck, select the loading point (starting address) and the unloading point (destination address)
  • Choose from a range of different sizes of truck as per your need.
    *Fixed rent is applicable for only 1 ton open/covered pickups within Dhaka city.

  • The next step is to set the exact date and time for delivery. 
  • Now enter the details of the goods you want to transport. There are several options to choose from for different types of goods. For example, perishable goods, live animals, up-down trips etc. Note that addition of each may incur additional charges. Also, if you need labor assistance for your goods, you can select the “Need Labour” option, which will incur extra cost.
  • Review all the information that you have provided. Once checked you can click confirm to publish the trip.
  • The truck owners/drivers will see the trip you posted and then they will submit their price quotes. After that, you'll see a list of available truck owners/drivers along with their bids.
  • Choose a bid according to your preferences and communicate with the truck owner/driver to ensure the trip is completed on time.
  • When the trip is finished share reviews of your overall trip experience.

This is how you can easily rent a truck using the Truck Lagbe app, making the truck rental process as simple as possible.

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