Top 8 reasons to hire trucks from Truck Lagbe

From its inception, 'Truck Lagbe’ have been practicing modern thinking and ideas. And so, the company is always working to provide new services for its users. Many people want to know about the features and facilities of its services. Today, we will learn about the benefits of hiring trucks from 'Truck Lagbe' - which will surely motivate you to take service from here. 

1)   Trucks at your fingertips

There’s no need to go to the stands anymore to hire trucks, mini trucks or pickups. Because Truck Lagbe app brings trucks and pickups at your fingertips. It’s the service where you get trucks whenever you want. It’s a true blessing of the technology that you can now hire trucks from your home.

2)   Instant Booking

The express service of Truck Lagbe provides you the instant pickup booking facility. If you suddenly buy a refrigerator or your business needs an emergency delivery of the product, then don't hesitate to take this service. Through this express service, you can book pickups or mini trucks instantly using the app or phone call. 

3)   Fixed-Rate

There’s no pain of bargaining while hiring pickups from ‘Truck Lagbe Express’ service.  By having this service, a shipper gets pickups or mini trucks at a fixed rate. And this price is adjustable to the market price. You just need to set your load location, unload location and pickup size while creating express trips. 

4)   Secured Delivery

Product’s safety is a major concern for every shipper. Considering the issue Truck Lagbe ensures your product’s secured delivery. Drivers, owners, trucks that are enlisted in Truck Lagbe are verified. So, there is no worry about the safe delivery of your product.

5)   Trained and registered drivers

Inefficient or unskilled drivers may cause a great loss for your shipping products. That’s why, truck drivers, owners, and their trucks are well checked before being added to the 'Truck Lagbe'. Also, here in Truck Lagbe, all the drivers are registered and trained.

6)   Labour Service

Considering the need from shippers Truck Lagbe is providing labour to its customers. Only the customer of EXPRESS service will get this facility.  

7)   Hire pickup by phone call

If you don’t have Truck Lagbe app or smartphone, then there’s an option for you to hire pickups by phone call. Truck Lagbe has a hotline number from which you can easily hire your required pickup. In this case, you will just need to give your information to the Truck Lagbe authority through phone and they will instantly hire pickups for you.

8)   Call center service for any problems

'Truck Lagbe' has a skilled and dedicated call center service to help you solve any app or trip centric problems. Here you can also report any complaints you have about the app.

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