Driving License in Bangladesh - Classes and types

The first and compulsory work to drive on road is to get a driving license. Driving without license is a criminal act. Here in Bangladesh it is also the same. So interested people who want to drive should be aware of it and need to participate in driving license test. To be eligible to drive vehicle, first of all, it is important to know the types of license.

Classes and types of Driving License

5 categories of driving licenses:


      1.  Learner License


      2.  Professional License


      3.  Non-Professional License


      4.  Public Service Vehicle License


      5.  Instructor License

For interested applicants, the first thing they need is to get the learner license. By paying fees, one can approach for this license from Bangladesh Road Transport Authority (BRTA). With the license, the applicant can go through training for two or three months. After training, he or she has to take part in written, oral and field tests.  

If a person has the learner license than only, he/she can apply for the non-professional and professional license. So, it’s important for applicants to have the learners license first. Basically, non- professional license is to operate privately owned vehicles and professional license for those who wish to work as a driver for any company or organization. Age must be a minimum of 20 years for the professional driving license and a minimum of 18 years for the non-professional license holder. Public service vehicle license or PSV license is for those people who will mainly operate public transports. And the instructor license is for the driving instructors.

Driving Licenses categories in Bangladesh based on vehicles

Driving licenses according to the vehicle’s types:

      1.   License for motorcycle

      2.  License for Auto/Tempo/Motor

      3.  License for Microbus/Jeep

      4.  License for the medium range vehicles

      5.  License for the heavy range vehicles

      6.  License for tractors or special classes of vehicle

Separate licenses are there for special kind of vehicle like the above-mentioned list. In order to operate trucks, you need to have a professional license at first priority and after that, if you have a motor vehicle driving license then it will add more to you as a driver. The common thing of all these classes and types of license is that an applicant is required to go through the prescribed exams and tasks in getting these licenses.

We can also follow the website of Bangladesh Road Transport Authority(BRTA). It is hoped that those who are interested in getting driving license will follow these awareness info and guidelines which will be able to change the image of the transport sector of Bangladesh.


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