5 things to do for Truck Drivers to prevent corona virus

The world is shaken up in fear of COVID-19 which occurs due to Coronavirus; everyone is looking for ways to prevent themselves from getting contracted by it. Unfortunately, lots of information regarding preventive measures against Coronavirus which are being circulated across various channels are not all accurate. In reality, some small steps can help people prevent Coronavirus.

Although it’s relatively safer for people with desk-jobs in a brick & mortar setup, it’s not the case for people who need to be on the go all the time to earn their livelihood; like Truck Drivers/helpers.

Fear not, dear Truck operators. You can stay safe from Coronavirus by following some easy steps:

1. Washing hands regularly: Our hands are indispensable parts; we need them to perform almost all kinds of physical activities. When it comes to loading and unloading goods from truck, simply washing hands can limit the chances of getting contracted. Under such circumstances, it is necessary to keep soap and water inside the truck.

2. Use clean & hygienic towels as masks: Dirt and dust are part and parcel of Truck Drivers’ day to day life. Trucks don’t have air conditioning to provide cleaner air. However, most of the drivers carry towels. If you are carrying one, all you have to do is ensure that the towel is clean, fold it and use it as a mask to avoid dust.

3. Be careful while consuming protein: Since Truck operators remain on the go most of the time, they have no other alternative than eating outside. Under such circumstances, they should make sure their food, specially fish, meat and eggs are being cooked properly. Many Truck operators have a habit of drinking tea at a high frequency. They should be cautious as well and ask the tea providers to clean the tea-cup properly with hot water.

4. Keeping the steering wheel and gear lever clean:  Steering wheel and gear lever are the most frequently used components that come in contact with the truck operators. Therefore keeping these two clean is also very important.

5. If there symptoms of COVID-19: Commons symptoms of COVID-19 are high fever, cold, and breathlessness. If these symptoms are seen, start drinking water frequently and contact in the following hotline numbers for further instructions (Provided by IEDCR):- 

01401184551, 01401184554, 01401184555, 01401184556, 01401184559, 01401184560, 01401184563, 01401184568, 01927711784, 01927711785, 01937000011, 01937110011.

Trucks and Truck Drivers might not seem important to many, but if Trucks don’t remain operational, it would be a national disaster as the economy of the whole country will suffer. So we all have to remain careful and spread our knowledge on preventive measures of COVID-19.

But there is no reason to panic. In the past, When the whole nation suffered from calamities, trucks remained operational for the sake of the nation's economy. If we remain a bit cautious, things won’t be different this time as well. Let’s keep moving together. 

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