Challenges of transporting business goods during corona crisis and Truck Lagbe's role to address it

Our country's economic system has come to a standstill since the beginning of the Corona situation in 2020. Which is having an impact on various businesses. Even after more than a year of being in this situation, the overall business loss is increasing. Last year, a total of Tk 24 crore was lost every day in the country's small, medium and large industrial sectors due to the impact of Corona. (1) This second wave of Covid is making the situation worse.

Distribution is a major part of the operational activity of any business organization, and there is no substitute for a dynamic transportation system to keep it afloat. But the current Corona situation is having a serious impact on the transport system. In the meantime, many companies are paying 15-20% more for transportation than usual. A survey in 2020 found that 80 percent of domestic manufacturing companies were suffering from transport complications during the Corona period (2). The effect of which is directly impacting the sales of the products of the organizations.

Talking to the representatives of some of the organizations that are suffering from transportation problems, we have identified a number of challenges in the existing transport system during the Corona period, which are -

  •         Uncertainty of getting truck
  •         Not getting truck on time
  •         Lack of good service quality
  •         Increase in transport fare

In addition, due to the non-availability of trucks in the local market, the companies are regularly delaying the shipment time. In this situation, “Truck Lagbe” is working to solve such transportation problems for various organizations. With the help of a digital tracking platform, it has been possible to solve the two major challenges of not getting the truck at the right time and the uncertainty of getting the truck by maintaining trip schedule properly ahead of time; besides, the truck closest to the load point is being provided, which is allowing Truck Lagbe to provide better service than conventional services. 


Since availing the service of Truck Lagbe, we are not facing transportation problems like before. Even in this Corona situation, we are getting trucks on time and at a good rate, I don't have to check again and again to see if the truck has arrived properly. Besides, we are always getting professional service from their representative. So in my opinion, there are no alternatives to Truck Lagbe when it comes to logistics services.

 -  MD. Shahidul Islam, Logistic Officer, Radiant Technology Limited


Thus, using digital platforms, manufacturing companies are able to transport goods at a rate of 15-20% less than the current market. By providing a 100% guarantee of getting truck and round-the-clock service, Truck Lagbe is working to keep the wheel of various businesses as well as the economy of the country moving. 

To transport your business goods safely and on time, contact Truck Lagbe’s customer care number :- +8809638000245 

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