Best Rate

The most conversed topic between a Truck Owner/Driver and someone who’s looking for a truck is the rate at which the truck will be hired. For a truck owner looking for trips, the trip fare is more important than load-unload point. On the other hand, a shipper gets the best rate from Truck Lagbe App since he or she can get quotes from multiple truck owners in the app.


There are many trucks registered with the Truck Lagbe app. Hence you will get the best rate from Truck Lagbe app as the owners will be able to bid whenever they see a trip posted by you. It becomes very convenient for a shipper to take a trip when the quotes can be seen just by using a mobile phone. Moreover, shippers are able to choose a fare which is within their budget. Apart from bidding, Truck Lagbe also offers trips at a fixed rate. If you hire a 1 ton pickup within Dhaka, you will be able to see a fixed rate which is so convenient, that you will be amazed.


The key reason behind getting the best rate is availability of many Truck owners/drivers who remain active on a daily basis. And if you get a truck on a return trip, your trip cost can come down even further. The aim of Truck Lagbe is to matchmake between a truck owner and a shipper in such a way that both parties are mutually benefited. While a shipper is getting a truck at best rate without going through the hassle of physically going to a truck stand, a truck owner is ensuring his daily earning by taking regular trips.

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