In order to move our goods from one place to another in our day to day life, we often are required to hire a truck or pickup. And while doing so, the first thing that comes to mind is how much it might cost. 

Those who are involved with businesses, often hire trucks or pickups for transporting goods on a daily basis. Hence, businessmen always have a good idea about fare. But those who are hiring a truck or pickup for the first time, usually have no idea about the cost, so they often have to pay more than the market rate.

An easy solution to hiring a truck or pickup at market rate might be to use the “Truck Lagbe” app. Because when you will hire a truck using the app, the truck owners will directly let you know the fare by bidding. Then, all you have to do is to choose the fare that you like. Here are the benefits of doing so:

1. You will be able to understand the market rate yourself, as multiple owners/drivers will be informing you about the fare of the same route.

2. Since many will be offering their fare, you will be assured of getting your truck at a competitive rate, even if you don’t have any prior idea about the rate.

Hence, you can hire a truck, covered van or pickup using the app without any worries. 

Rental rate for 1 ton 7 feet Pickup

Truck Lagbe is the first in Bangladesh to fix the rental rate for pickup in Dhaka City. No matter where you hire a pickup from in Dhaka City, you can hire it at a fixed rate using Truck Lagbe App.


“Truck Lagbe” has been able to fix this rate by observing the usual rate for hiring pickup in the market for the last 3 years and by using state of the art technology with data driven algorithms. So in case of hiring pickup, there is no chance for the customers to get cheated on. If you need to hire a pickup within Dhaka City, just download the “Truck Lagbe” app without any worries and hire a pickup at a reasonable rate. 

Download the app from here- Link

Apart from 1 ton 7 feet truck, rental rates for all other trucks are determined by bidding. 

We are highlighting the potential minimum & maximum rate for hiring trucks in Dhaka City for your convenience:

Rate Chart for Hiring Trucks & Pickups in Dhaka City

Type of Truck Rate (in Taka)
1 Ton 9 feet Pickup 800-2200*
1 Ton 9 feet Covered Van 1000-2500*
2 ton 12 feet Truck 1200-2700*
2 ton 12 feet Covered Van 1200-3000*
3.5 ton 14 feet Truck 1500-2800*
3.5 ton 14 feet Covered Van 1500-3200*
7.5 ton 16 feet Open Truck 2500-4500*
7.5 ton 16 feet Covered Van 3000-5000*
15 ton 18 feet Open Truck 3500-5000*
15 ton 23 feet Covered Van 3500-5500*
25 ton 23 feet Open Truck 5000-6000*


 *Minimum fare is applicable for hiring trucks within the same area. Such as, from Mirpur to Mirpur

 *Maximum fare is applicable on a trip for the furthest distance within Dhaka City

 *When it comes to large trucks, if the loading-unloading time surpasses 6 hours, the fare can increase by 500-1000 taka based on additional time. For medium sized trucks, the additional rate can be from 300 to 500 taka

 *Any truck above 12 feet(which means from 3.5 ton 14 feet trucks to 12 ton 23 feet trucks) can’t move during day time in Dhaka City. So, you need to hire such trucks for shipments after 10.00 PM. 

Rental rate for Trucks or Pickups in any district within Bangladesh

Truck or Pickup fares for longer routes depend on myriads of factors, including –

1. The exact address of the place from where the goods will be moved

2. Type and amount of goods to be transported

3. The type and size of truck needed

4. The market rate based on ongoing demand on the day when the truck will be hired. 

For the aforementioned reasons, the fare of truck or pickup varies for transporting goods across districts in Bangladesh. And that’s why, it’s not possible to directly figure out a fixed rate for hiring trucks outside Dhaka.

But in this case, if you hire a truck using Truck Lagbe app, you will be quickly able to know the fares at a market rate from multiple truck owners and you will be able to accept a fare you like.

In order to hire trucks or pickups at the rate of your likings from anywhere in Bangladesh, download Truck Lagbe app now:



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