Numerous people shift their houses at the beginning of the month. In Dhaka city, you will get thousands of examples of house shifting. So, you can imagine what the whole scenario of the country will look like in this matter. Completing the house shifting process is always a hard task. Therefore, everyone’s goal is to get the process done as smoothly as possible. To do so, making a proper plan is key here. To have more knowledge on this, we will provide 8 tips here that will surely make the whole house shifting process easy and hassle-free for you.  

1) How and where to put all the things- these questions need to be solved in advance. There should be a proper plan for this whole house shifting process.  

2) It is possible that you will have some items which are useless for you or you will not use in the future. Avoid such items to carry with you on your move. Donate such items to a charitable organization or make a garage sale. This will also help you cut costs on your home shift as well as reducing the stress level of your move.

3) You need to avoid last-minute arrangements and start our house shifting preparation a month ahead. Therefore, it is mandatory to collect different sizes of carton packets and arrange the glassware or showpieces in these cartons. Place some marks on the cartons so that the carton can be identified.

4) Besides, we can put our clothes together in bed sheets so that these clothes don’t fold and are kept safe from dirt or dust. However, we have to make sure that those bed sheets are washed thoroughly after shifting.

5) Spoons, knives, bowls – these things should be kept in large tins or containers in the house.

6) Switch off the refrigerator line the day before the home shift. Also move the TV, refrigerator and other electronics items a day before the house shifting. 

7) Instead of rushing in, take time off to shift your house. If you need to hire a pickup or a truck, you should book it in advance. 

8) As part of the plan, the entire process of house shifting can be given to a third party or service provider. In this case, ‘Truck Lagbe’s house shifting package can be the best solution. 

Considering the huge demand of the users, Truck Lagbe has launched this particular house shifting package. Mr. Saifur Rahman, a service holder of a private company, spoke of his satisfaction with the package service of ‘Truck Lagbe’. He said, “To be honest, this is a very innovative service. They are very sincere about offering this service. I congratulate them on all the initiatives.’ Like Mr. Saiful Islam, you should also get the package services of ‘Truck Lagbe’ and get relief from all of your worries of house shifting. The unique thing is that you can get this service throughout Bangladesh. To get more info about packages you can dial at 01939 100 100. 

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