Changes have taken place in every aspect of our daily life as well as the social system in the current Corona crisis. Starting from the movements of ordinary people, changes are visible in all types of businesses and other professionals involved.

In order to combat the crisis, the government has declared general holidays from March which is effective till date. However, according to government instructions, emergency transportation services including Truck & Cargo have remained operational. So at present, there are many questions regarding stances of different organizations regarding transportation of commercial goods.

In the search of answers to such queries, we talked with representatives from a reputed dairy farm and a textile company which are currently operational. The demand for their product varies in the market as their products are totally different. However, both the companies are facing similar problems when it comes to transportation of their products. Such as:-

  • Uncertainty of getting trucks
  • Not getting truck on due time
  • Lack of quality service

While such unwanted problems exist, the companies are being forced to pay 20-30% extra fare, which has become a major concern for all businesses.

The reasons for such changes in fare became clear when we talked to Mamun Bhai and Sohel Bhai, both of whom are regularly transporting commercial goods for various companies. According to them, the demand for Trucks has dropped by almost half compared to the past. Whereas earlier they could go to Chittagong from Dhaka and certainly come back with a return trip. Now they have to come back with an empty truck. So to maintain the balance between income and expenditure, they are charging extra fare on each trip. And yet, they are struggling to gain profit.

If we review the current transportation system and the impact of Corona on this sector, it shows that, As the freight cost has increased, so have the previous problems, which are creating uncertainty among businesses at this moment.

To address this uncertainty, even in this current Corona crisis, “Truck Lagbe” is working as a one-stop solution for their contracted businesses and Truck Driver/Owners. Along with 100% guarantee of getting a truck, Truck Lagbe is playing an active role in helping all types of businesses by providing round-the-clock transportation services, thus keeping the economy of the nation moving. So, if you want to transport commercial goods, you can feel free to contact the customer care number of Truck Lagbe:-

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Current situation demands us to work together and only by doing so can we overcome this crisis.

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