Introduction of the New Trip Performance System by Truck Lagbe

Truck Lagbe has introduced a new trip performance system and set of rules for truck owners using their app. This initiative aims to earn customer trust and provide seamless service, which will enable users to secure more trips.

 What is Trip Performance?

Trip performance is determined based on five trips. It is calculated by dividing the number of successfully completed trips by the total number of trips accepted (tagged). For instance, if a truck owner completes four out of five trips successfully, his trip performance rate will be 80% (4/5*100). In this scenario, the trip performance point for the truck owner will be "4".

 Stages of the Trip Performance System

  1. Evaluation Period: After completing the first five trips, if a truck owner successfully completes three to five trips, he will be reconsidered in this period. Completing only two trips will move him to the warning period. Completing zero or one trip will result in a five-day suspension. Repeated failure to follow warnings will progressively increase suspension durations to 7, 15, and 30 days.
  2. Warning Period: If a truck owner successfully completes two trips out of the first five and cancels three, he will be given a warning and another chance with five additional trips. If he successfully completes three of these, he will return to the evaluation period. Failing this will result in a suspension starting at five days, increasing to 7, 15, and 30 days for subsequent failures.

 Key Factor Impacting Trip Performance

Cancellation of a trip after it has been accepted (tagged) will negatively impact the trip performance points.

 Strategies to Enhance Trip Performance Points

  1. Select Suitable Trips: Only accept or bid on trips that you are confident you can successfully complete, considering your truck’s capacity, road conditions, and schedule.
  2. Upholding Professionalism in Customer Interactions: After accepting a trip, communicate clearly with the customer to understand all trip-related details.
  3. Provide Timely Journey Updates: Keep the customer regularly updated on the progress of the trip.
  4. Communicate Quickly in Case of Unexpected Events: If any unforeseen issues arise, contact Truck Lagbe’s customer care representative as soon as possible.

 Account Suspension Reasons

  1. Low Trip Performance Points: According to the new point system, if the rate of completed trips falls below a certain limit, points will be lost, and the account will risk suspension.
  2. Trip Cancellations: Regular trip cancellations can lead to account suspension.
  3. Policy Violations: Violating the policies of the Truck Lagbe Owner App can also result in account suspension.

Duration of Account Suspension

The duration of the account suspension depends on the frequency of trip cancellations by the truck owner. The suspension period increases with repeated cancellations:

  • First time: 5 days
  • Second time: 7 days
  • Third time: 15 days
  • Fourth and subsequent times: 30 days

 Strategies for Reducing Suspension Duration

Successfully completing a specified number of trips can reduce the suspension period. For every two successful trips completed, the subsequent suspension duration will decrease. For instance, a 30-day suspension can be reduced to 15 days, and a 15-day suspension can be reduced to 7 days.

Please remember, account suspension can negatively impact your earnings. To avoid suspension, adhere to the policies of the Truck Lagbe Owner App and strive to improve your trip performance points.

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