5 things that will make it easier to use the Truck Lagbe app

Truck Lagbe app provides a technology-driven digital solution for truck rental through which you can hire the truck of your choice in just a few clicks. But after installing the app, a user may have many questions related to the app. 

Now let's take a look at the 5 most common questions that users ask about the Truck Lagbe app:

1. How does a shipper create a trip in the app?

Download the Truck Lagbe shipper app from the Google play store. Then you can create a trip request after giving some information like load point, unload point, truck category, trip date & time, and your product types and then publish. After waiting for a few minutes, available and interested truck drivers will start to bid. The shipper will choose the bid which is suitable for him/her and will contact the driver.

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2. How to add a promo code on an app?

There are two ways to add a promo code to your trips. Before creating a trip, you can access the "Promo Code" section from the ‘Profile’ tab and fill out an active promo code. If no discount code is added already, you can add one while you are in the process of creating a trip.

3. What to do if a shipper can’t find specific pick/drop locations to create trips?

If a shipper can't find an address in the load location, they can select it by using the location pin on the map section in our app. If the location is still not available on the map, you can specify the location using the “Division” section by selecting the preferred division, district, and then the area. However, if a shipper can’t find his pick/drop location specifically, s/he can select the nearest location and mention the missing location in the product details box while creating the trip request.

4. How does the shipper cancel the active trip?

If a shipper wants to cancel a trip, s/he must call the Truck Lagbe helpline (09638000245) and mention the trip ID to get the trip canceled.

5. What is bidding? How can a shipper rent a truck through bidding?

Bidding is a process where after the trip is published, truck drivers/owners participate in bidding by providing their expected rate to get the trip. Here many drivers/owners bid fair truck rental rates and shippers can hire trucks/pickups from the Truck Lagbe app by accepting the best bid.

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