Refer and give your friend 2500 taka discount

Recently various apps have been developed to make our daily life more convenient. These apps designed for various services have transformed how we handle our daily tasks. Imagine you or your friends are planning to move houses; even booking a truck for this purpose can be quite a hassle. This becomes especially crucial for those who need to transport belongings or change residences. For such situations, an app like "Truck Lagbe" is essential. The "Truck Lagbe" app is an online platform that allows you to safely and conveniently rent trucks anywhere in Bangladesh. It simplifies the process of booking a truck and not only makes your life easier but also enables you to assist your friends. Now, you can benefit from "Truck Lagbe," and your friends can also enjoy the advantages. After completing a trip on "Truck Lagbe", you can refer your friend. Then they can avail a discount of up to 2500 taka (10%) on their first truck rental using the promo code: FIRST2500.

Terms and Conditions:

  1. To refer, you must complete a trip.
  2. Referral is only applicable for fixed and bidding trips.
  3. The referred friend can use the promo code only once for his/her first truck hiring.
  4. If any fraudulent activity is detected during the campaign, the customer will not be considered for this campaign.
  5. Truck Lagbe reserves the right to change any rule or condition of this offer without notice and can suspend the offer at any time.
  6. The offer is valid for a limited time.

Both you and your friend stand to gain if your recommended friend receives a discount of up to 2500 taka. So download the app now to take the trip: 


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