Where & How to Buy-Sell Used Trucks in Bangladesh?

For many new and experienced truck businesses, buying/selling used trucks in Bangladesh is quite common. There are many reasons that can lead to a truck owner to buy used trucks including:

  1. Used trucks cost significantly lower compared to fully new or refurbished trucks
  2. New models of trucks may not be widely available in the market causing owners to consider older models
  3. Used trucks are already registered with BRTA and can be used instantly after purchase while new trucks may take longer to register

Some useful suggestions for finding or selling suitable used trucks in Bangladesh are as follows:

Inquiring among family and friends

As a truck owner or truck owning business, it might be of interest to inquire among family and friends for help. Friends or family who are part of the same business or know other people in the trucking businesses can help you to get in touch with their contacts and find suitable opportunities.

Used car showrooms or “haats”

Around Dhaka and other major cities, there are known used truck buying/selling spots. These spots or “haats” as they are called, are held on a weekly/monthly basis and can be attended by interested buyers and prospective truck owners. Many suitable and affordable options may be available in such places providing buyers with many options to choose from.

Used car advertisement/auction

Used truck sales can often be advertised via newspapers. Another way used trucks can be sold through auctions. Keeping informed about such ads/auctions can land you in a great position to well conditioned used trucks for starting or expanding your trucking business. These ads and auctions need to include the truck price, pictures, and other information properly.

Online options

These options present themselves as e-commerce sites and social media pages. For example, if you want to sell used TATA trucks, you can go for options available for selling used trucks online. You will find listings of used trucks for sale and their detailed information and photos/videos of vehicles. These sites/pages allow you to navigate and filter your search via truck price, condition, and other factors. 


One of the most popular Truck booking platforms, Truck Lagbe, is introducing a new service aimed at experienced and budding trucking businesses. With this new service, it aims to allow owners to buy/sell used Bangladeshi trucks through theTruck Lagbe app.

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