Get a 1000 Tk bonus by completing your first trip with an 18-23 feet truck!

Exciting news for truck owners! A new bonus offer awaits in the new month. Now, by completing a regular trip with an 18-23 feet truck for the first time, you have the opportunity to win a 1000 Tk bonus. To be eligible for this bonus, certain essential conditions must be followed:

  1. Only owners who have not previously completed regular trips with an 18-23-foot truck are eligible for this bonus.
  2. Truck owners must place bids through the app; manual bidding will not be accepted.
  3. Each owner's profile is eligible only once.
  4. This offer is applicable only for regular trips.
  5. If any fraudulent activity is detected during the campaign, the owner will be disqualified from participating.
  6. “Truck Lagbe” reserves the right to modify any rules and conditions of this offer without prior notice and can suspend the offer at any time.

So, without delay, grab a trip now with the 'Truck Lagbe Owner’ app, and win a 1000 Tk bonus!

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