Truck Lagbe: Fast & Fixed Pickup Booking

On a brightly lit day of this city life, Miss Alif suddenly bought a refrigerator. But the amount of money the shopkeeper demand to deliver it to the house was unbelievable! She was wondering what to do. Actually, the condition of the old refrigerator was poor at Alif’s house. So she decided to regularly save from salary to buy a refrigerator. But now when she bought one, she couldn’t find a way to get it home. A few accessories were also there with the refrigerator. Therefore, what she required was a pickup. At that moment, Alif called one of her friends and told about her situation. Her friend told her about the ‘Truck Lagbe’ app and it’s Express service.  

But what is this Express Service? Truck Lagbe fast pickup booking is a service where you can easily hire 1/2 tons of pickup or mini truck. The service offers fast booking facilities with secured delivery and fixed rate. 

What is offered in an express trip -

  1. As you create an express trip, numerous drivers nearby will log into the app to take the trip. 
  2. As a result, the booking process will complete within 3 minutes.
  3. Finally, an Express trip will be completed in the fastest possible time because the trip gets tagged with a driver in minutes and the trip starts in a very short span of time.

Now, let's get back to Miss Alif. Did she get the pickup on time? Eventually, she booked the pickup through Express service. And after booking, the pickup came within a short time. Also, the refrigerator was safely delivered at her home without any problems. Therefore, in any situation where one needs a truck fast can hire pickups through 'Truck Lagbe'.

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