Find out how much cargo can be carried in a truck of any size


To ensure the safe and skilled delivery of your belongings, it is crucial to determine the appropriate size of the truck, preventing any damage to your items during transport. Trucks and vans come in various sizes, each with a specified tonnage capacity for carrying goods. Below is a discussion of the different sizes of trucks suitable for transporting various types of goods:

Small Trucks:

1 ton 7 feet pickup: Suitable for transporting small quantities of goods, such as electronics, hardware accessories, vegetables, fish, chemicals, etc. It is ideal for bachelor home shifting.

1.5 tons 9 feet pickup: Medium-sized goods like electronics, hardware, utensils, cartons, garments, appliances, and hardboards are suitable for transportation.

2/3 tons 12-feet pickup: Appropriate for transporting medium-sized goods like electronics, hardware, utensils, cartons, garments, appliances, and hardboards. They are often used for house shifting.


Medium Trucks:

Medium trucks are applicable for transporting large goods. Here's an overview of midsize trucks:

3.5 tons 14 truck: Suitable for transporting heavy items to different locations. Ideal for medium-sized home shifting (3/4 rooms).

7.5 Ton 16 Feet Trucks: These tracks are ideal for agricultural products like rice, wheat, maize, chaff, cement, and construction materials like coal.

Large Trucks:

Large-size trucks are usually required for export-import, electric equipment, factory, and other large equipment transportation.

15 tons 18-20 feet truck: Ideal for transporting construction materials like bricks, stones, cement, sand, and other heavy goods.

15 tons 23 trucks: Suitable for transporting food products, imported/exported goods, garments, and textile materials.

25 tons 23 truck: With a five times larger capacity than a 5-ton truck, these trucks are capable of transporting heavy goods efficiently.


When choosing the right vehicle for transporting goods, consider weight and size requirements. Whether you opt for a pickup truck, a large truck, or a covered van, understanding the tonnage capacity and length will help you decide on your transportation needs.

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