Types of Truck and Their Uses

People rent trucks for a variety of reasons and it varies from person to person. Truck renting becomes easier if a person knows what size of the truck is used to transport what type of goods. One of the most important factors to consider is getting the correct sized truck for their products, as it can make a huge difference to their truck renting costs. If you want to choose from a variety of truck sizes for renting your truck, Truck Lagbe is a good option. In the Truck Lagbe app, the list of several trucks and the type of goods it carries are given below:


Pickups are a good choice if you have to transport 1 or 2 tons of goods. Pickup trucks can transport small and medium-sized items such as electronics, hardware, furniture, etc. In the app, you may book open or covered pickups in three sizes: 7 feet 1 ton, 9 feet 1.5 ton, and 12 feet 2 ton. These pickups are also useful for home and office shifting as well. 9 feet 1.5 ton and 12 feet 2-ton trucks are generally utilized for shifting.

Medium trucks:

These trucks are ideal for transporting agricultural products and construction materials. Agricultural products such as grains, wheat, corn, vegetables, and fruits, as well as construction materials such as cement, and coals are just a few examples that can be transported in medium-sized trucks. Different kinds of machinery can also be moved in these types of trucks. Open or covered, 14 feet 3.5 tons and 16 feet 7.5 tons are the two sizes that are available in the app.

Heavy Trucks:

These trucks are capable of transporting heavy loads. These trucks are used for a variety of purposes, including transporting commercial products, building materials, exported-imported products, and textile materials, among others. Cement, bricks, sand, concrete, steel, wood, and other construction materials are suited for these trucks. The three sizes available in this category of trucks are 18 feet 15 ton (open), 20 feet 15 ton (open), 23 feet 15 ton (covered), and 23 feet 25 ton (open).


There are two types of trailers - flatbed and low bed trailers that you will find in the Truck Lagbe app. Trailers are ideal for difficult-to-maneuver equipment used on huge construction sites, building projects, and in roadwork, such as rig machines, cranes, cabin crawlers, power transformers, etc. These trailers can also be used to transport raw materials with containers. These are used to transport such heavy goods from the port area to different parts of the country.

Truck Lagbe provides trucks of different sizes and purposes that will make your truck rental process easier. So download the Truck Lagbe app and rent the truck of your choice.

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