Day long 'Free Eye Test Program' for truck drivers

A survey conducted 3 months ago by VED-ORBIS revealed an important piece of information. The survey shows that a large number of truck drivers in our country suffer from various eye problems! Drivers who are hitting our highways every day have been facing various health-related problems too. Unfortunately no program is organized for them such as basic eye test. The total scenario portrays a negative impact on our road safety.   

Considering the issue of eye health and road safety, ‘Truck Lagbe’ and 'Essilor Group' jointly organized a day-long 'Free Eye Test Program' on the occasion of National Road Safety Day on 22 October 2019. Under the program, the eye test was conducted for the truck drivers at two of the following  truck stands in Dhaka: 

  1. Kalshi Truck Stand
  2. Dhaka Uddan Truck Stand 

‘Truck Lagbe’ team jumped up at both the stands in the early morning with all of their troops. And guess what? The responses were great. There was spontaneous participation of Truck drivers and owners. Besides, the committee members of both stand were also there with full cooperation. 

Truck Lagbe team came to know about truck driver Heera Bhai. Heera Bhai uses glasses for 4 years now. But for the last few days he was having trouble. Therefore, knowing the arrangement of eye testing, he came and checked his eyes for free. A 42-year-old truck driver, Abul Bashar, also came there to test his eye. After his eye test, he returned home with satisfaction. A truck owner named Rasel Bhai came as he had been suffering from a few problems and eyes allergy for several days. Rasel Bhai also came back with satisfaction after checking his eyes. 

As the day progresses, many truck drivers come in a group to check their eyes. All in all, it was a successful program by 'Truck Lagbe' and 'Essilor Group' authorities. Md Shawkat Hossain, general secretary of the Kalshi Truck Stand Committee appreciated the program and called for more programs on road safety and health care for truck drivers. 

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