The Challenges People Face While Renting A Truck

Mr. Abrar Hossain needs to move a few pieces of furniture from Tejgaon to Basundhara. Because he didn't know where else to get a truck to move his furniture, his truck rental experience, like so many others, turned into a nightmare. Not just that, truck rental in Bangladesh comes with several challenges that may be both mentally and physically taxing at times. Some of the challenges that people face while renting a truck are described below:

1. Unstable Rate:

When it comes to renting trucks, one of the most common challenges customers experience is market price inconsistency. The market price of truck rentals is always unstable due to the influence of intermediaries and brokers. This is a problem that many people face while renting a vehicle to transport their goods. If we rent trucks through an app, we will get the best price and we will not have to bargain with the truck drivers or owners.

2. Hidden Extra Charges:

Before hiring a truck one of the main challenges that we face is not being able to identify the hidden charges before we go for hiring a truck. Many truck rental companies won’t tell us about the extra charges because they will falsely advertise low pricing, leading people to believe they are receiving the best deal. Therefore before hiring a truck we need to clarify whether toll charges, fuel cost, extra costs on road, etc. are included in the fare or not. That’s how it becomes difficult to determine whether or not there are any hidden costs. It will come to our attention after transporting our goods.

3. Time-Consuming Truck Rental Process:

One of the major obstacles people face when they go to a truck stand by themselves or speak with several brokers to fix one. This costs time and energy. Sometimes trucks do not always arrive on time, which slows down the truck rental process. The majority of individuals encounter this situation when renting a truck. Customers might save time and money by using a truck booking app to make the process as simple as possible.

4. Renting The Wrong Truck Size:

One of the biggest challenges we face when loading a truck is to see if the goods fit the truck properly. Sometimes we often underestimate the volume of goods and as a result, we rent the wrong size of the truck. If there is extra or less space in the truck we will face various problems. For example: having more up-down trips, renting more trucks if there is less space, and many more. So it is important to identify what type of truck is suitable for our goods before going to hire trucks.

5. Safety Issues:

One of the biggest challenges is safety issues for us and the people around us. Sometimes we try to move our goods by ourselves instead of hiring good laborers to do our shifting. We may face physical injuries while moving the goods. Hiring well-skilled laborers beforehand will save us from injuries and the people around us. To help our relocation go more smoothly, we should hire skilled laborers. They should be more careful when picking up boxes containing fragile items. A little cautiousness can save us from a lot of accidents that might happen during the move.

People face many challenges before they go renting a truck. Due to these problems, the truck rental process becomes complicated. So if we need a truck for any personal need, renting a truck through the Truck Lagbe app will make the whole process of truck renting easier.

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