Due to technological advancement, many changes have taken place in the last few years in the fields of transportation, medicine, education and many more. Along the path of this change, Digital logistics platforms have been developed in Bangladesh as well. These organizations are constantly working to make the transport system of Bangladesh more efficient. Let’s take a look at how you can achieve business success through a transportation system devoid of middlemen and hassle:

Timely transportation service

Not being able to ensure timely transportation of goods is one of the major problems for any business organization in Bangladesh. When it comes to traditional methods for hiring trucks: Businesses, transport agencies, truck owners, truck drivers and many more are involved. Hence, it takes more time to hire trucks than usual. Even if it’s communicated that the truck will arrive on time, no one can actually confirm it, as there are several layers in this whole hiring process.

For a shipper, a digital logistics service platform can be a solution for transporting goods on time. While hiring trucks from such platforms, the shipper is connected to the most suitable truck through a computerized database management system in order to ensure timely transportation.

Let’s learn how Sajeeb Corporation ensured timely transportation of goods through the service of Truck Lagbe.

Reasonable Fare

Businesses depend on specific transportation agencies or truck owners while transporting goods across various routes, and pay an above average market rate for transportation. Hence, a large chunk of the fare goes to the middlemen’s pocket.

Under such circumstances, a digital platform can assemble a larger number of truck drivers/owners and in the process, can ensure the best rate for any route. Digital platforms are cost effective for businesses as they are devoid of any middlemen. To be noted, as a digital logistics service provider - Truck Lagbe has been successfully providing transportation service to Arla Foods at the best rate in the market.

One-Point Communication

In the traditional transportation system, a business often has to communicate to individual points of contact for distribution, which is time consuming and not cost effective.

With the help of digital platforms, it is possible to manage transportation across all routes by keeping in touch with only one point of contact. In this case, as a digital logistics company, Truck Lagbe assigns key account managers dedicated for specific businesses. The assigned key account manager assists the business in management of the overall transportation system. As a digital logistics service provider, Truck Lagbe has been able to reduce the complexity in transportation of Armor Polymer through its one-point communications service. As a result, Armor polymer has developed a transportation system which is efficient and cost-friendly. 

If you are interested to know more about digital logistics service and would like to take it then fill this form and a representative from Truck Lagbe will directly contact you.

Maintaining stability in the transportation system

Since the onset of the ongoing pandemic, there has been a hike in fare price. Uncertainty in the supply system, and current economic environment is the sign of upcoming instability in the transportation sector.

Under such circumstances, a wholesome, self-contained transportation system is needed which will:

  Automatically select the most appropriate truck

  Provide a cost-friendly rate for hiring trucks

  Provide guarantee of products transportation in the shortest possible time

Hence, a digital logistics platform can be of great help in overcoming the shock of this unstable economic environment. 

Digital Documents

Usually in a conventional transport system, delivery challan often arrives 5-6 days after delivery. As a result, in many cases it takes more time than necessary for businesses to complete some of their business calculations. Many businesses also face complications with VAT and taxes related to their transportation systems.

The digital logistics platform timely delivers any type of documents, which is very helpful for businesses.

Also any business organization is able to streamline their transportation system better than before through digital logistics services. In this case, Truck Lagbe can be of great help in development of a technology-driven efficient transportation system. 

If you are interested to know more about digital logistics service and would like to take it then fill this form and a representative from Truck Lagbe will directly contact you.

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