What is credit limit & why you shouldn't exceed it

Credit Limit is the maximum amount of money you can keep in arrears from your service charge payable for trips taken through Truck Lagbe Owner app.


Service Charge for Trip: Some trips taken from the app carry a fixed amount of service charge.

*In order to learn more about service charge in details, visit this link


In order to see the credit limit of your account from the Truck Lagbe Owner app –


1.   Go to the app’s “Menu” option

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2.  Press on “Payment” option

002248_18Aug20_JT322_Web_Blog_Other Photos_App Screenshots_Credit Limit 01-01 (1)


3.  The Credit Limit will be mentioned right below your amount payable

002250_18Aug20_JT324_Web_Blog_Other Photos_App Screenshots_Credit Limit 03-01


The credit limit mentioned here is BDT 800. That means, if your due service charge payment is 800 or above, you won’t be able to take any more trips.


*The amount payable as mentioned above is BDT 300. If the amount payable doesn’t cross the credit limit, it has to be paid within 3 days. Otherwise, in this case as well, you won’t be able to take any further trips. 


What is the credit limit for each type of truck?


The credit limit varies based on the types of truck. Here is a list of credit limit for each type of truck- 


002254_20Aug20_JT327_DC_SM_Website_Blog_Other Photos_Credit Limit-01


N:B: If your credit limit is equal to or more than 200, 500 and 800 respectively, you won’t be able to take any further trips.


N:B: If you deposit more amount than your credit limit to Truck Lagbe’s account using Bkash, for example, if you deposit 1500 Taka , in that case, your credit limit will be increased to 1500 Taka


N:B: Once you pay your due amount in full through bKash, your due amount payable will become zero and you will be able to take trips again. 


 What to do before exceeding your credit limit:
  •  After taking each trip, check how much money is due from the payment option within the app
  •  Always pay your due payable directly through bkash before exceeding the credit limit.

*If you exceed the credit limit of your account, you can take trips again once you fully pay your dues through bKash.

Learn how to pay your due charge using bKash

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