Transportation Industry : A Changing Phase

Even a few years ago, here in Bangladesh logistics support that we could receive from the trucking industry was not up to the mark. Basically, the industry was surrounded by slack functionality. There was ignominious dominance of unwanted broker or middleman in the trucking business. The truck owners and drivers were badly affected by this. For this reason, truck drivers were deprived of their proper remuneration. Shippers were also harassed by unauthentic participation of such third party.


But now the time has come with radical opportunities. And these opportunities are gearing up with tremendous hope. The vicious yet profitable trucking industry, at last, has entered into the era of digitalization and owned the impact of it. And it is going through an inimitable change. Now online and app-based trucking platforms are actively working in logistic purposes. For example, an online platform ‘Truck Lagbe’ already planted a connection between the shipper and the driver. This connection ensures proper and safe transport of heavy goods. Drivers are getting benefited by the transparent payment process. All in all, the scenario is changing with the progressive growth for both parties.


The community of truck drivers are reaping the benefits of such changes. By using these apps drivers are now getting more trips. The hassle-free and structured process of getting trips is making life easier for them. At the same time, their income is increasing and life standard as a whole is also improving.


Such impactful moves also teach us to become more cautious and schematic. Time may come in the future when we need to make more structured functionality to govern such sector. Although the authorities are already working in developing it. But we also need to ensure the active collaboration of all three- the drivers, the shippers and the online platforms to connect and work together. The changes are on the floor but the success and durability of such works would depend on the proper amplification and activation of our resources. We hope that like the present changing scenario of the trucking industry, these changing force would also sustain with proper influence and dominance.

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